Some more things for sale

Posted by dennis on 23 apr 2014 / 0 Comment

So, still trying to ”clean out” some stuff from my collection so here is a list…..

Small Flowerpots from Louis Poulsen.
Original edition with enamel, all in perfect condition without damage, some with colored cable, some with black cable.
Have about ten each of red, orange, blue and chrome.
Asking 150 euro each and a bit cheaper if you buy many!
You can most likely find these for less money elsewhere with a bit of patience but mine are in perfect condition which is rare.

Also have two large 50cm Flowerpots in chrome which are very rare, both in good condition.
Asking 1500 euro each for these.

Lastly i have several nice pillow covers made from original Mira-X fabrics.
I have Curve in multicolor cotton, Square in pink velvet, Curve in red cotton and very large Stripe covers in red velvet.
Asking between 75-150 euro each.

Let me know if you have any questions or want to buy anything!


_D1B3408_web _D1B3413_web _D1B3436_web _D1B3418_web _D1B3419_web curve_cotton_multi_2 curve_cotton_red_2 square_velvet_pink_2


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